Control the height of your grass with a reel mower


cleanairgardening_2063_30319981 mower height

There are different opinions about the best cutting height for grass. Some landscape experts believe that cutting grass very low to the ground encourages it to develop deep roots. Other experts suggest tall grass, because tall grass can hold more moisture and it is more disease resistant than stunted grass. On top of this, many homeowners have an aesthetic preference for short or tall grass.

Whichever height you like best, there are reel mowers that can achieve it. Some reel mowers have an adjustable mowing height – the blades can be raised or lowered to fit the situation. Different models have different ranges of cutting height, while some models can go as low as half an inch from the ground and some go as high as 3 inches.

Can I get a gnarly scar from a 3 inch cutting height?

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  1. I purchased a reel mower several years ago but returned it because the highest height setting was still too low:my grass would burn and dry out too easily. my mulching mower is set to the highest setting, 4 inches. is there a reel mower that can do this?

  2. Thinking this topic would be on the height of the mower (person), I’d like to say that the handle position of my 18″ Craftsman “Quiet Cut” (American States look-alike) was too high for my 5′ tall wife & kids. I lowered it by filing a notch in the the base of the handle to allow more rotation down. Chest high, the force is mainly directed downward, often with insufficient forward push. I like the handle to be at hip to waist height (1 meter for me, 50 cm for my eager four year old neighbour).

    • @John R, Thanks for sharing, hopefully someone will find this helpful when they have a problem with the handle height on their reel mower.