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1 Michael Metzger 05.19.15 at 11:40 pm

I have a lawn with tall fescue and live cincinnati, ohio. I cut the lawn between 3.5-4 inches. I am wanting to get a reel mower for my front yard which will by about 3000 sqrt foot.

I am trying to decide between:

Scotts 2000 vs Fiskars StaySharp Max.

Which would be the better reel mower given the above?

2 richard 10.07.15 at 5:35 pm

I have several 1950 style push reel mowers that I have put into a gang mower frame. Some of them need the tires replaced due to rot. I also need some of the rollers. Where can these be found? The tires are just the tires without the rims. The rollers have both a hole at the end &/or pins. They are not to be found at any lawn and garden stores. Even the reel mower online retailers seem not have the tires, only the rollers. Thank You!!!

3 Paul 11.07.15 at 7:53 pm

I recently acquired an old (I think) Eclipse hand mower. I cannot get the wheels off. Any suggestions? Thanks.

4 Ross Theunissen 11.25.15 at 9:41 am

I have a vintage Everyman reel mower and the tag on the mower identifies the cutting width of the reel as 15″. I have been looking for replacement reels for when the blades can no longer be back lapped to maintain sharpness. All the replacement reels I have seen are either 14″ or 17″. I have measured my reel and the cutting width is 15″ but the actual rod that the reel sits on is a lot closer to 17″. so when buying one does the 17″ measure the cutting width or the length of the the rod it sits on?

5 Mark 02.26.16 at 9:01 pm

My Flymo reel mower seems to be jammed. The blades will hardly turn at all. I’ve removed the wheels and lubricated everything I can see, but I suspect maybe there’s some grass twisted around the axle and jammed deep inside the wheel assembly (I’m in Australia, and we’ve got some seriously tough native grasses). I’ve looked everywhere online, but I can’t seem to find instructions on how to separate the axle from the wheel assembly. Any idea what I can do?

6 Daniel Baummer 04.08.16 at 4:45 pm

I own a reel mower now, but the problem I have is I like to leave the grass a bit long. If any of the grass or weeds get too long, the mower won’t cut them. Instead it just seems to push the longer blades down and run over them. Is there a mower that can handle taking care of the really long blades of grass or weeds? I’m using a Fiskars now.

7 Victoria 04.10.16 at 6:06 am

I own an American reel push mower and if yours is like mine there are two screws on each side if the mower. They adjust the tension on the blades. Hope this helps your mower. I found these screws by trial and error, but it worked.

8 John 05.30.16 at 1:51 am

I have two reel mowers: an 18″ Great States that I like a lot, and a 20″ Yardworks that I loathe. The Yardworks seems lighter than the smaller Great States. When mowing with it, it often times doesn’t stick close to the ground and cut well. It will slide and lift off the lawn when pushed. It leaves the lawn looking unkept. The Great States is easier to push, stays even with the ground and gives a better end result. When I push into it, it doesn’t bounce around like the Yardworks. I can find no info on the Yardworks online, and the store doesn’t sell it anymore. I wanted a wider mower, but this one seems too lightweight. Have you heard of this brand? Would a Scott’s Classic be a heavier unit?


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