Top Class 20″ Reel Mower from McCullogh

This good-looking, yellow reel mower made by McCullogh Products has most of the features of other top-of-the-range models. For example, it has a generous cutting width of 20″ and the handles have a soft and comfortable foam grip.

McCullogh 20 Reel Mower

McCullogh 20" Reel Mower

There are four rust-resistant steel blades, and the cutting height of the mower can be adjusted from 1.888″ to 2.888″. This is a weird dimension that doesn’t even relate accurately to a metric comparison, since 48 mm is equal to exactly 1.889 76″ and 74 mm is equal to more than 2.9″. But maybe it does have something to do with metrication.

This mower also has four tires. The larger front tires measure 10″ x 2″ and the smaller back tires measure 6″ x 2″. It is however quite heavy, weighing in at 48.4 lbs.

McCullogh is part of Husqvarna, a company that prides itself as a global leader in outdoor and other power products, including tools. Their products, for forestry, lawns and gardens are available in more than 100 countries that are classified as North America and “the rest of the world.” Brands include Gardena, Flymo, Partner, Poulan, WeedEater and of course McCullogh.

Since this reel mower comes from the McCullogh stable it is reassuring to learn that they have been around for more than 60 years. You may also want to know that they boast products that we can use “easily and comfortably” and that you can rely on technology, as well as functional ergonomics and design. That must be important when you’re looking for a reliable reel mower.

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  1. I have a McCullough reel mower that sits in my garage, broken because the plastic gears are worn and no longer engage. I called Husqvarna to ask about spare parts and they neither stock them and my perception was they just didn’t care (customer service were unhelpful). In the end, I have bought a vintage mower and will give it a paint job and sharpen the reel.

    McCullough’s? HA! Never again.

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