How to edge with a reel mower

What about edging?

Edging with a reel mower can be tricky. The wheels on either side of the blades will press grass down, but they don’t cut. For the best results along fence lines, curbs, or tree trunks, you may want to mow with your lawnmower, then use a string trimmer to put on the finishing touches.

A string timmer isn’t necessary if your yard is unfenced – if you ask your neighbor, they’ll probably be happy if you cut slightly over the edge of the property line (after all, that means less grass for them to mow).

If you have trees, fountains, lawn ornaments, or other obstacles in your yard, then those are going to be a pain to edge. On the bright side, you can use your reel mower as an excuse to get rid of anything unsightly in your yard. Like that creepy garden gnome. Umm… isn’t it time he traveled the world?

What’s the deal with short people, anyway…